Why we’re here


Uniting Housing is committed to supporting and strengthening personal, family and community life and contributing towards building a just, compassionate and sustainable society through the support and provision of social and community housing in Victoria. Uniting Housing will fulfill this vision by providing operational management services, support and guidance to Uniting Vic.Tas Agencies, Uniting Church Presbyteries and Congregations in the delivery of effective and sustainable social and community housing.



Uniting Housing’s core mission is to increase the availability of appropriate, secure and sustainable affordable housing, to strengthen communities and to assist those most in need. In order to succeed, Uniting Housing will:

  • Effectively manage properties it controls to ensure long-term sustainability of the assets;
  • Explore opportunities to increase the availability of affordable housing stock;
  • Allocate rental housing stock using processes that are fair and transparent;
  • Ensure rents are affordable with an aim to achieving sustainable tenancies;
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to serving and valuing its clients
  • Ensure tenants are appropriately engaged through tenant participation processes; and,
  • Support and advise Agencies, Presbyteries and Congregations in their similar efforts.



Our Faith

Seeking to share in the love and purpose of God as revealed in Jesus Christ, we strive to address injustice and to offer reconciliation and hope

A focus on the disadvantaged

Having particular concern for people who are vulnerable, poor and marginalised

Social justice

Promoting equity, human rights and participation for all


Seeking to build on people’s strengths and enabling them to speak and act for themselves


Respecting the contribution of all involved in our network, valuing diversity and promoting exclusivity

Working holistically

Responding to the total circumstances of those we serve, promoting wholeness at all levels

Working together

Seeking partnerships in service delivery, acts of solidarity, and social commentary

Pursuing innovation

Continually examining our services and programs to ensure they are cutting edge responses to human need

Striving to do better

Undertaking ongoing research, evaluation and quality improvement